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Jens is back with more material! This time he is going to continue with the Wexio Spelkonvent theme. After searching his soul he finally decided to post his inner thoughts regarding his Shaltari army’s performance. Enjoy!


Though I must confess I think Jens is single… not that I have investigated the matter…

Hello, everybody! For this small series I will review the Shaltari army list I used at the Dropzone Commander tournament at Wexio 2014. The articles discusses the initial thought process followed by an evaluation and a final judgement on a battle group per battle group basis. Last this will be followed by some comments of the army list’s battle group composition and what I consider its strengths and weaknesses.

Let us get started.



So now I have had the chance to soak up the information from our Swedish tournament and write down my conlcusions. I thought to write down the idea, the set-up we used and the result. then I will try to modify that into a new set of rules for tournaments.



So it continues. Guessing and guessing. I really love the Resistance models.


Now the Resistance is soon here! On Wayland games it is expected departure date 2014-08-30!

So my friends. I took the liberty and steal the names from Wayland’s site and try to connect it to the pictures we have gotten as sneak peaks so far… I don’t have any special insights (I’m not even a Talon) so guessing game can begin – don’t assume I’m right on anything.


Though I have referred to several pages before these are my top sites where I prefer to read about DZC. Take a look and add anything you can think of:

Information overlad motivator


In the second part and last part of Jens’ report we go through his five games in the largest tournament in Sweden to date;

Arriving on Friday afternoon I was greeted by the organisers and was given a warm welcome. I played a short introduction game against UCM to get a feel for my army list and followed up asking a lot of questions trying to be as ready as I could be for the battles to come next morning. (more…)

I took a look on all 4 factions and just put together a list for each of them based on a theme. Take a look at the result: