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Aircraft and Vehicle enhancing
Relentless Advance (3)
T1: 7,5%, T2: 28,4%, T3: 31,3%, T4: 34,9%, T5: 39,5%, T6: 45,3%
Requirements: Sphere of Influence, Aircraft or Vehicle
Characteristics: Mobility Increased
Game impact: Medium/High

The Relentless Advance command card improve an aspect of the Scourge which is already really good, their mobility and also incorporating the ability to increase their effective weapons range which grant the Scourge some good opportunities. (more…)


I took a look on all 4 factions and just put together a list for each of them based on a theme. Take a look at the result:



So I kind of having given up on the Ferrum spam. If I face it, I’m dead. Turn 1 unload. Turn 2 everything vital is dead. I really don’t see how a unit with both AA, AT and fast speed (faster than Fast movers, actually in game terms as the drones are 100% active from turn 1) is a balanced unit in DZC but…dammit! I did it again, didn’t I? Whine… bad style.

What I must do is to figure out tactics to take the Ferrum spam into consideration.



Let’s face it, wargaming cost money. A lot. And it should be a deciding on which game and race to play (although many times factors like existing player base is much more deciding). Today I thought I would compare the cost of three games with one example army in each system.  For 40k – Tyranids, for DZ – Scourges and for DUST – SSU. Saying we start from scratch, what will the total cost of an army be?

First some disclaimers: Some armies/games cost less in a different circumstances. I think that this is most noteworthy in 40k where a nid army is most likely more expensive than a Draigo Paladin list. Number of models for a basic game differs as well. I have decided for a 1750 pts 40k nid, a 400 pts Dust and Mega army (as I don’t have the rulebook yet) for Dropzone commander. In all three games this is a force that will give a descent sized game and (at the very least) a very good base to build upon. But I think this is roughly the same  in game length as well. Also, I will ignore second hand-stuff. 40k will be very much cheaper if doing so.

Let’s start with 40k. With a basic nid list consisting of: Swarmlord, 2 Tyrant guards, 6 Hive guards, 10 Ymgral stealers, Tervigon and 20 (or so) termagaunts, 20 stealers with a broodlord and a Trygon you get roughly 1750 pts. The cost of this army from GW would be: 4700 SEK (that’s Swedish crowns). Codex included. You could add the rulebook as well (+500SEK).

Dropzone Commander’s large army from Hawk wargames cost 2500 SEK. +170 SEK for the rulebook.

DUST SSU army with: 2 SSU command, 2 Battle squad, Close combat squad, 2 Riffle squad, 3 Auxilary squad, Sniper team, 2 KV47-A, MIL MI-47 B Burner and 3 Commisars will cost on maelstrom: 3000 SEK included both needed books.

When you look at it like this you will also get different amount of minatures: 40k: aout 70. Dropzone: about 70 and DUST: about 60.

When I look at this i consider 40k a rather expensive game. The amount of variety in 40k as (at least it feels like) bigger. On one side this means more options but it also means greater cost and harder to get your army right. But the same actually goes for DZ and DUST. So this shouldn’t matter to me. Also the cost here is high because 40k nids can be purchased cheap if bought off e-bay or something alike.

Conclusion: The cost factor between these games are actually quite low. 40k is much more expensive to purchase new stuff for and the meta changes frequently so you will need to buy new stuff rather quick to keep up with the tournaments. But the availability of both cheaper armies and second hand makes 40k much more alike the other three games. I  the end they are, I would say, equal in cost.

So I can’t use cost as an excuse to stop playing 40k, eh? Dammit! Guess I have to go with the coolness of the miniatures and the rules instead.  We already know 40k beats the crap out of everything when it comes to player-base.