Jens’ After Action Report – Wexio 2014 – Popping the Cherry – part 2

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In the second part and last part of Jens’ report we go through his five games in the largest tournament in Sweden to date;

Arriving on Friday afternoon I was greeted by the organisers and was given a warm welcome. I played a short introduction game against UCM to get a feel for my army list and followed up asking a lot of questions trying to be as ready as I could be for the battles to come next morning.

The tournament

Three matches were scheduled for Saturday. My first match was a Target of Opportunity against one of the UCM lists, a list with nasty demolition potential and one of the units I had been dreading for weeks, the Ferrum. In hindsight I should have feared the Eagle more; I managed to thin out the drones making them a bit less potent but that Eagle just kept pounding me. I also learned a very good and expensive lesson, do not send braves into a building with just 5 DP left to try and find an objective and do not park your Jaguars within 1” of a building with just 5 DP left. My opponent knew and crippled me in round three, by destroying the building, bringing the building down upon my Braves and the Jaguar standing next to it. I lost the match but I had fun even though I made some really bad mistakes. I shook hands with my opponent, probably glad to have been annihilating his very first Shaltari opponent.

Jens vs UCM

You see the building o the bottom to the left? The ones with one crystal and 2 die on? Do NOT place your walker within 1″ of that building! /Egge

My second match was a Recon against a really aggressive Scourge player, well the player was not aggressive, but his play style was. He is also known as the Swedish champ winning the Swedish championship in 2014. In round two there were scourge walkers, flyers and grav tanks in my ranks. I managed to kill some, but they just kept coming. I lucked out though and found two objectives and got one piece of intel, meanwhile my opponent controlled the board and I was in reactive mode trying to plug leaks everywhere they sprung. I lost once again, gaining some experience knowing I had to be more aggressive against Scourge if I were to gain some room to operate. We shook hands and I was off to my third and last game for the day. A bit tired and hungry to do better I was pitted against the PHR demolition squad lead by a really impressive looking Hades.


This pic is from the final turns. By using massive courage the Scourge Desolator ran away to save some KP and hid behind the building until the game was over./Egge


The mission was Target of Opportunity and I thought my Braves and Firstborns would be buried in rubble with reinforcement bars sticking through their warsuits making them really dead. I expected to lose, but I did not. I won a small victory. I managed to survive falling masonry, destroying buildings and keeping almost out of sight from the Hades. Worth to mention is that my opponent was even less experienced then me and had an army compiled from several peoples left overs. The PHR list looked cool, with over 80 DP building demolishing potential, but perhaps needed a bit more mobility and infantry. Well, with my first win I felt empowered and looked forward to the challenges to come next morning.

Jens vs PHR walking

Did you know? Shaltari need to shoot with 21 shots E10 to take down a Zeus in average? That is… a lot. Just so you know./Egge

Sunday morning came and offered me the challenge to outmaneuver a fellow Shaltari in a Land Grab mission. The Land Grab scenario is the only one I really did not had done any thinking about. I made a plan and even though I played a bit conservative I managed to do one really cool thing. I pushed my opponent from the centre and managed to roll the 2+ needed to hit with my Ocelot with a following 4+ to do two damage and then managed to roll a 5+ to do a total of 10 DP against one of my opponents focal points, the last 10 DP collapsing the building and thereby destroying the focal point. I won by one victory point but it was a draw, a draw was a suiting conclusion of the match since we both had moments of glory and despair. It was strange to not be the only one able to do shenanigans and a lot of provoking with gates trying to get each other to open up for a decisive blow. It was a good game, like the ones before. We shook hands and both left with what I believe was a great experience. Mirror matches are really interesting in Dropzone Commander because of the different strengths and weaknesses of the different factions. Needing to counter your own faction’s strength is a mind-boggling venture.

Shaltari on Shaltari 8

The other Shaltari player Jonas has his own blog which we highly recommend to you if you are interested in interesting gaming articles. It is not dedicated to DZC but you will most surely find something 10mm that is interesting to you. Some pictures was stolen from him as well. /Egge

By now I knew I could not win the tournament, but it did not really matter, the opponents were nice and accommodating, the scenarios were fun and I was finally getting the hang of my list. I prepared to shine against Scourge in my final match. I knew what I had to do, I had to be aggressive. The mission rolled was Target of Opportunity. The Scourge deploying before me had another tactic instead of the hyper aggression showed earlier by a Scourge Overmind this one played methodical and two Desolaters loomed towards my ranks leaving destruction in its wake. I managed to kill Scourge by shooting them, beating them and finally microwaving them. But I did not manage to utilise my gates to their full potential, I had the chance to stop the final objective but blew it. At least if the Dice gods had pushed the dice to my favour on one of those critical rolls. Please, do not misunderstand me, this is not me whining just realising I had the chance and missed it. My opponent deserved to win he outmanoeuvred me and we had a great time. There was a good amount of laughing when one of us rolled ones or my saves just kept coming, bless the Dreamsnare, all hail the Dreamsnare. The game ended with me 10” away from making it a draw. Once again I shook the hand of a great opponent and once again my head was filled with ideas.


Jens’ last opponent had some conversions in his army. A good thing with DZC is that flyers are just the tip of the flying stand in gaming terms. That means conversions to your advantage is kept minimum for flyers. In the picture you see a Despoiler. The model has a battery underneath so the eyes glows and blinks green. Mean green. /Egge

In the end I lost three matches, tied one, had a small win and finished in sixth place out of eight. I was happy and had learnt a lot. I just wanted to play more matches trying out all of the ideas formed from my newly earned experiences. The list worked great but having two units, an Ocelot and a Firedrake, which in my opinion are very hit or miss might have been foolish. The Dreamsnare on the other hand was the Most Valuable Player. Now it is time to gain more experience and hopefully play again soon, refining strategy, gating and list building.

Perhaps I meet you in a near future, prepare to be microwaved and out-gated. Warchief Not-so-noob-anymore out!

Dreamsnare 2

Again, please make sure you comment and praise the bloggers so that Jens feel the pressure to post more articles so we can get more to read!

/Jens Bäckman 2014-07-12

I thank Jens for his contribution and hopefully we’ll see more in the future from him. Please post below if there is anything special you will want Jens to post/Egge


  1. Link-Hero-1 says:


  2. snolb says:

    Noce one Jens! I really need to take some notes at my next tournament.
    Any idea now on maybe a new list?

  3. 172fixer says:

    🙂 Again, love that city!

  4. Jens says:

    Well Snolb. I will try to exchange either the Firedrake or Ocelot for some more core units and remove one or two of the Havens. Perhaps replacing these with another Eden and a Jaguar and replacing Birdeaters with Kukris, or try the Warspear.

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