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We have tested the Ferrum several times, always thinking it was pretty descent and logically priced in points. But in Hawk Wargames’ forum there were voices noting that the new update didn’t really nerf the Ferrum enough. We decided to test with three of them in a 1500 pts report. The truth wasn’t that is was good.

The truth was that the three Ferrums dominated the entire battlefield. Click in to read more.



Egges new year resolution 2014

Posted: 1 January, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander


So we have a new year and with that apparently my wife thinks it is time for some resolutions. So let me telle you mine:

1. Play more Dropzone Commander.
2. Play 40k only when there is special occasions like a buddy ask and in special events.
3. Work out at least one time each week.

One of the above is from my wife…guess which one…

Let me know of your gaming resolutions!