About Egge and the blog


My name is Erik Robertsson (Swedish) and I welcome you to my blog! This is a blog that has developed from exclusive swedish 40k tournament blog to a more standard minature gaming blog. It has also developed from only writing in Swedish to using piss-poor english. Any incorrect language and spelling is all because of this. I do re-read my posts and many times edit them to make sure the language is good enough but many times I’ll miss something – in these cases I’m hoping for your understanding.

I’m currently a Tyranid player but have started to get a focus on two other games: Dropzone commander and DUST warfare. I’m also a slow DBA-player from time-to-time. My main focus is for tournament gaming in Sweden but I’m hoping for AdeptiCon 2013 along with many other swedes. If you have met some Swedish 40k players, the chance is good (and I’m hoping) they consider me a friend and you can always give a cheer from me to them if you can.

I don’t know how much I wll update in the future. I’m hoping on one post each week but the quality of the articles will vary. Many times I’ll just steal other peoples posts. I’m also will try to update my RSS-flow with logs I like. If you would like to contribute (with wither Dropzone commander, DUST warfare or DBA) you are welcomed to mail me at egge_81@hotmail.com.I have some pointers to a minimum quality that I want on my blog so please read those first.

My main focus will be to write about the three main games but also 40k when I attend to tournaments or whenever (or whatever) I damn like to.

I’m hoping you will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Kind regards
Erik Robertsson


If you would like to submit something:

Make sure the language is good.
Include any pictures you would like to have.
Chat language and extensive use of shortenings are both evil and should not be used. Assume all readers know nothing about what you are writing about.
Focus on Dropzone commander, DUST warfare or DBA.
Other than these points you can include battle reports, opinions, reviews, guides or just talk about what ever you feel about regarding these games.

  1. Tjenare. Jag har tvungen att fråga dig. Hur i hela friden går man till väga för att ändra så man inte visar hela inläggen på framsidan. Alltså man vill ge optionen “läs hela inlägget”.

    Tack på förhand och en mycket välskriven blogg.

  2. egges says:

    Det finns en knapp när du postar som ser ut som två rutor som är avdelade. För mig sitter den jämte knappen “proofreading” alltså den knappen som det står “ABC” i rutan.

    Så det är bara att lägga markören på den rad du vill att texten skall brytas och klicka på knappen med de två vita rutorna (infoga Mer-tagg).

    Tack och hoppas det hjälper!

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