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Posted: 26 March, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander, tactics

2014-03-20 Hot LzOne of the most interesting aspects of DZC is the rule “Hot lz” which basicallly means that the dropships may not land within 3″ of an enemy on the ground. I really love this rule. It is hard to use but let’s see how you could theoretical use it.



I love this game. I really love this game a lot. Played 40k yesterday and couldn’t help but to think that after a month I have no idea what the rules are and I have gotten used to look at the models to see what they can do. Overall DZC is cheaper than 40k (much), much more tactically challenging and have actually something called balance to a much greater degree. But what about the downsides of DZC? here is my list of things I think is a downside with DZC.

2014-03-16 Not there yet


Next wave of DZC is here!

Posted: 14 March, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander

Wave threeSo next wave is up on Hawks homepage. Nice…But perhaps things are a bit too bright?


Fast movers not in DZC?

Posted: 8 March, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander

After reading a very interesting post on Orbital bombardment regarding the lack of FM we see (or more accurately, don’t see) I felt a post of my point of view on this matter would be good since I fully concur in most of Zombiestate’s notes but my suggestions to resolving this matter is a bit different.