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Egges blog is dead! Long live DZCsweden!

Posted: 3 October, 2014 by egges in Okategoriserade

I will close this blog within a few months.

All posts have been directed and inserted into:

Please check it out. It will be under construction for a while until we can get all the pictures and set-up as we’d like.

Thank you for enjoying my blog!



Activation tampering
False Diplomacy (1)
T1: 2,5%, T2: 10,3%, T3: 11,4%, T4: 12,9%, T5: 14,8%, T6: 17,4%
Requirements: None
Characteristics: Influence
Game impact: Low/High

The False Diplomacy command card could really screw with your opponent’s activations denying her/him the activation of their choice. The command card may have a low or a high game impact depending on how much it affects your opponents decision making and which opportunities it grants you. But because of its random nature it could also do nothing and with a cool opponent not even mess with their head. This command card should be played as a complement to a plan and may therefore be saved for a better opportunity. But I also believe it is best used in turn 1 or 2 when the order battle groups are activated may be of really paramount importance.