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So Hawk wargames have now had a few torunaments where they have shown us how they think a tournament in DZC should be played. I therefor have done a very simple random mission generator to make sure pick up games are easy to agree on and forces people to consider a balanced army list based on the four basic missions in the book; Targets of opportunity, Recon, Encroachment and Land grab. By agreeing with your opponent that you will use this generator you will get  a mission as well as a possible variation on this mission as well with special rules – or it might just generate a basic mission without anything special. The point being that the players don’t know beforehand what to play and must have a force prepared to handle all type of missions. All they have to agree on is to use a standard army and an agree point limit. The mission can then be generated at the gaming location.

Missions DZC



New dropzone models, yay!

Posted: 16 February, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander

So this month’s release of DZC was really interesting! I really liked them and thus I think I should do a quick review of them. If you don’t feel like clicking in I’ll tell you the summary of my post: the new units are great!

Release february


So I kind of having given up on the Ferrum spam. If I face it, I’m dead. Turn 1 unload. Turn 2 everything vital is dead. I really don’t see how a unit with both AA, AT and fast speed (faster than Fast movers, actually in game terms as the drones are 100% active from turn 1) is a balanced unit in DZC but…dammit! I did it again, didn’t I? Whine… bad style.

What I must do is to figure out tactics to take the Ferrum spam into consideration.



So after that horrible game with the Three Ferrums I conclude some things and would like to discuss the problem I’m having for it.

2014-02-02 Fear motivator


DZC Spamming the Ferrrum Part 2

Posted: 2 February, 2014 by egges in Battle report, Dropzone commander

It’s been a while for this. I really would like to write it all out but in short – it’s pointless. I will add the pictures and small comments though.