Walking on without drawing fire

Posted: 28 June, 2014 by egges in Discussion, Dropzone commander, tactics

I have a theory and that is that walk-on units do something they shouldn’t and that is to survive. Now, now, let me explain.

2014-06-28 harry potter wand

Me and my buddy Snolb played the second mission of Orbital bombardment’s mission pack today (great mission but the buildings can actually be a bit smaller…around 30 dp and count as medium for finding objectives I think) and Snolb drove on his Kodiak and Ferrum, of course. The Ferrum died the Dropship death from my swarming small vessels in turn 4 or 5. But the Kodiak survived, even though my Scourge managed to pull off an minor victory.

The same thing occurs whenever you play PHR as well. The drive on unit or the units that get’s dropped turn 1 doesn’t really become a threat you can handle until later. The problem is that the player with the walk-on units should want them to be attacked. The opponent will then commit his units and you can counter attack. The walk-on units are pretty seldom a counter attack unit because they are already positioned elsewhere than where they will need to be.

I have this theory that if you have infantry in transports those transports will need to be secondary targets and thet infantry in buildings need to be secondary targets as well. This is what you want the opponent to decide: “If you shoot at the building with my infantry inside you will be severely attacked by my counter’attack. If you shoot at my armour, my infantry might get away.” But those walk-on units are seldom able to be used as a counter’attack unit.

Same thing with commanders. People seem to be very afraid to sacrifice their commander and so they seem to survive a lot. Well not my Desolator – you know why? He soaks a lot of AA fire until he dies. And the opponent must take heed not to let him attack at full effect. So while your PHR commander that in average takes about 10 E 11 shots before it dies is hiding. My 10 AT shots can shoot at the buildings you don’t want me to attack instead.

Or is it just me? Try letting your commander draw fire in turn 3 and forward and see how much the opponent aims to get it destroyed instead of attacking those units you want to keep alive.


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