The Swedish championship in Dropzone commander at LinCon 2014

Posted: 8 May, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander, Swedish tournaments

Though most likely not many will participate in the first Dropzone Commander we now have official permission to hold the first Swedish Championship in Dropzone Commander! Lincon is this year in Linköping, Sweden from 2014-05-29 to 2014-06-01. We will hold a beginners tournament day 2 (2014-05-30) of the event (999 skirmish – no command cards will be used). The official Swedish championship will be held day 3 (1500 pts clash and 2014-05-31) with 3 games per tournament.

If you like to come from another country to rule Sweden and help us motivate people to play the game, the arrangement is about 38€ for all days and you are able to sleep there (just bring something to sleep on). We will ask for a token cost of 6€ for some simple prices for each tournament (so 12€ for both).

On the beginners tournament me and Snolb will have each an army to lend to anyone who wish to play. We will also play very long games to ensure beginners get to play with time to spare.

The Championship will still have plenty of time (3 hours per game) and will be a single day event.

Me and Snolb will not be able to win any prices and the Champion will be the highest placed player which isn’t us.

  1. snolb says:

    Just a clarification. We will not use command vehicles either. Otherwise me and Egge wont have a army to lend. Also, in the 1500 point tourney there will be a price from Hawk to first place.

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