New DZC missions – The Swedish review

Posted: 5 May, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander, Missions

So you have seen the new mission packs to DC where you are supposed to utilize the new scenery pack from Hawk wargames? Cool! I love them (  here is why..

Lets start with the Monorail missions.

The Monorail missions are at least played on a big surface. That is 4′ x 6′. So the missions assume the players will be playing at least a clash game, basically. But you can play both missions with the starter sets! So you can get a cool mission even from the start. With just the addition of the Monorail.

Mission 1 is a pretty basic mission but the cool part is that the monorail travel across the table and the players will try to get on on one of the two stations or with a small dropship. When inside the occupier will have it pretty easy finding the objective which is 4 VP in this mission. You also have 4 Focal points. As the train can be boarded by infantry inside light dropships it is possible to get to the objective another way than jumping on at the station.

One interesting part is that the monorail’s track it self blocks LOS to flyers. I have no idea how the dropship landing on top the dropship can be fired upon then so the question is how another infantry unit can enter. Another little strange thing is if the objective can be taken off the board in which case it is worth 8 points… that is a bit much, I would think.

The second mission
is a bit more vague but still very good. The attacker must destroy the pillars of the train to make it crash and then it becomes a focal point. The defender must try to defend the pillars and get the train to travel as far as possible before crashing or getting off the table. The strange part here is that it is not specified that the defender gains enany points if the train leaves the table..they “just win” which was kind of sad because I really like the mission as the defender get the 5 VP automatically if the train leaves. Then the mission could have been used as an actual tournament mission.

It is also unspecified how the 5 point focal point is calculated. If you have the most KP within 6″ do you get +2 VP (as in the rulebook) and the focal point is in it’s basic situation worth 3 points or should be another type of addition? Let me know what you think.

Then we should move on to the Orbital defence Laser scenarios.

The laser scenarios is a bit more strange and although number 2 could work in a tournament setting I kind of question it. Then again – I really can’t say why it should be bad in a tournament. I definitely would go to a tournament with 3 basic missions and 1 monorail and 1 with the Laser. With that much variation the players attending must have balanced lists.

Mission 1 is a “attacker and defender” mission again. This time with different points for each player. The defenders main army starts in reserve and only have a small strike force of 200 pts to start with. So the first player only get about 3 infantry and 3 tanks (as a scourge player) on the table. I would choose two bases of old ones instead, though – to weaken enemy forces more.

The attacker will then storm the Laser and try to use it to destroy the city. The attacker has whole 8 turns for this and the defender really much get into the fight fast to get his infantry inside. If the attacker is the occupier (it is not specified when the laser can fire the laser will destroy a quarter of the buildings. Just right of the bat destroy a quarter of the buildings.


Though what I’m a bit scared off is that the Attacker will just camp outside the entry point of the laser and storm with a bunch of infantry. Then again, the defender starts in reserve so have a pretty good chance of getting something in on the table and when they do they get + 33% points than the attacker. So the first turn will be a race to claim the entry of the laser and then the fight will be bloody inside. Though the laser can be destroyed and I’m not sure…but isn’t it pretty easy to destroy an A9 building with 20 DP? Even with active counter measures. Then again…if the attacker will destroy the city in the meantime and be able to attack an defender that never shots back…

This is a really cool mission but I have no ides how it should be played. A test must be done!

In mission 2 the laser should be taken and used to kill of enemy buildings where objectives are that you can’t reach. The Laser is an focal point in it self as well.

This mission is a tough one! On one side getting the objectives closes to your table edge are pretty easy but then you will have fewer infantry to take the Laser and destroy the enemy buildings. Though I must confess that I suspect the laser will not be fast enough to actually destroy a building with an objective inside before people are off the table with the objectives. Again, the mission should really be tested before I say anything but as the Laser is a focal point there is absolutely an idea of playing the mission through.

I kind of like this mission and I think it would work in a tournament but I think there might be some unbalance in the mission as well. If the enemy houses with objectives had been placed further up ahead then it might be a bit better for variation. Or corner set-up instead. That would work. One easy objective, one extremely hard and two that there is a fight for.

Let me know what you think! Sorry for the fast posting – my poorer English follow fast writing but i hope you enjoyed it anyway. I really got glad of the new missions so i wanted to get this up as soon as possible.

Overall I think the monorail missions are a bit more fun but if the Laser is coined as a center piece on the table the missions with a Laser could be much more varied than that of the mono-rail I think.


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