Posted: 26 March, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander, tactics

2014-03-20 Hot LzOne of the most interesting aspects of DZC is the rule “Hot lz” which basicallly means that the dropships may not land within 3″ of an enemy on the ground. I really love this rule. It is hard to use but let’s see how you could theoretical use it.

Foremost the Hot lz rule is a rule that is meant to keep dropships from landing everywhere. I think it works rather well but I feel it is not really taken into consideration so much and the players often forgets the rule. At least back home. Let me know if you feel the Hot lz rule is something beginners have no problem with. But I think it is worth thinking on how it can be used. Let us start with some basics:

  1. Dropships may not land if their template is within 3″ of an enemy model on the ground.
  2. That does not include enemy dropships that have landed.
  3. But it does includes enemy infantry in buildings if manning the walls. Measured from the wall they have taken up position on.
  4. Infantry are still manning walls if in CQB.
  5. Enemy units keeping the dropships from landing must be within line of sight.

So what does these things mean?

  1. First you can make sure that enemy dropships can’t get to the position they want. If you have a ground APC and will not be able to load it up again with infantry it might be an idea to be a pain in the ass with positioning. All APC:s in the game are rather fast and so it is totally viable to use them for this matter. Also you must remember that it is not that easy to get in the center of things if the opponent is spread out on well chosen areas. As ground armour are usually slow many times you can have a position of models around the center building, forcing the opponent to chose to drop armour in the open or behind another building away from the center.
  2. Often forgotten is that dropships can’t make a landing zone hot. So you can’t use your dropships to keep enemy dropships away.
  3. Infantry in buildings basically keeps enemy dropships away. So if you have three infantry inside a building, one on each wall and an APC on the last side of a building (1-2″ out from the wall as well I would suggest) enemy infantry with small dropships  (the types without an APC) can not enter the building if you place it in the right angle. Not an easy task but still. It is much easier to keep enemy infantry away with manning the walls though. But a good placed APC is really handy in some cases. At the very least you can decide which side of the building the opponent must place his dropships.
  4. If you are first into a building – man the walls if you can. If you are first into the building and then the opponent enter next turn you can still man the walls on the side the enemy dropship are positioned and then fight the CC next turn and still manning the walls. I the enemy break they can’t enter the transport as it can’t land which might give you the chance to shoot the infantry down.
  5. This is also a fine little point which I think many misses. LOS can be rather sensitive in a game with as many LOS-blocker as DZC has.

So in conclusion. Make sure you learn to use Hot lz right so that you can trick your opponent into positions they don’t consider to be the best position. Make sure you use it to keep buildings clear from enemy infantry. Let me know what you think of the rule or if you can see any other situation Hot lz is important by commenting below.

  1. Zombiestate says:

    I like the rules for Hot LZ but due to a few reasons it doesn’t really come into play that often. Typically when you are landing dropships it will be on turn 1 or 2 (for tank squads) and there won’t normally be an enemy nearby to stop you. Also troops can’t line the walls the turn they get in a building so if you are looking to get troops somewhere in turn 2 you are most likely not going to have any problems. If you bring a tank around to the enemies board side to create a hot LZ they are likely to get blown away, so the likelihood of this being worth it is slim.

    In addition to this most flying troop carriers are so quick that moving an extra inch to get out of LoS from the wall infantry is manning isn’t going to be too much of an issue.

    Good topic though, it doesn’t get brought up often!

    • egges says:

      yeah I agree that the Hot LZ only comes into play regarding infantry. But I feel that small dropships many times wish to move infantry in stretched ranges, not to a building 4″ away. So when you are manning a wall in one place, and have an APC in those final turns the placement of that APC can really be important. The problem is that the rule doesn’t come into play that often so people have a tendency to forget. Or have you experienced it otherwise?

      • Zombiestate says:

        I can honestly say that it has never come up in a game! Having said that, you may well be right and we have forgotten about it. I guess I’ll just have to keep a closer eye on it in the future 🙂

        • egges says:

          We have had several occasions where one player asks “will I reach into the building?” when a small dropship with infantry have just loaded from a building and then wish to get them into another building. As the infantry can’t move after leaving a building the normal (disembark 3″, move 1″ and embark if within 2″) routine doesn’t work that well…well…not at all actually. To get troops from another building into a new building in the same turn the dropship need to start within 1″ of the building and let people off within 1″ of the building. All you need in those cases is an apc standing at the corner or side where you (most likely) know the enemy will try to get infantry to and they will need much more movement to get inside of the building. Positioned right we are talking up to 4″.

          I have also experienced a master-move (against me – I’m not that smart) where the opponent positioned his bear in this position and then just positioned his Sabres in a position where they could attack the units that would destroy the APC. I had to do it – the destroyers really needed to get into that building but it was fairly clear that that Bear made it impossible, forcing me to activate in a less optimal way to destroy the bear and allow him to get a good shot at the building holding the infantry I want to move even though I had first activation. Master move which basically made me love the game even more.

          I really think that Hot LZ is underestimated as a rule. I think it can be used more effectively if it is used more with purpose when deciding actions on the field. But it is really difficult.

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