What about the down side of DZC?

Posted: 16 March, 2014 by egges in Discussion, Dropzone commander

I love this game. I really love this game a lot. Played 40k yesterday and couldn’t help but to think that after a month I have no idea what the rules are and I have gotten used to look at the models to see what they can do. Overall DZC is cheaper than 40k (much), much more tactically challenging and have actually something called balance to a much greater degree. But what about the downsides of DZC? here is my list of things I think is a downside with DZC.

2014-03-16 Not there yet

Fast movers. As you might understand by the motivator, I feel that fast movers are a bit on the short side of the game. They tend to be overpriced and the way to handle them is rather awkward. You don’t really need the actual models either. The only interesting is the stat-line and the line they are moving in. There are many ways to fix this but right now the FM are not really cutting it.

Measurements. I really don’t like to measure from center to center. It is really awkward in a 10mm scale. Sometimes it is cutting close and then it is so much easier to just take a point of the edge of the model. Movement is easier, too. Measure from the furthest part of the model and then no part of the model may be  over that. So no creative movements to get the model further.

Also, the Hades is so big that it can’t be destroyed by buildings crashing down, even if touches the building but it’s center is always 1″ away from the building.

Special rules. There are special rules in DZC but they are pretty few. The latest release had one special rule out of four models and it is not a super-special rule either. Usable but not over the top. But still – I hate special rules.

Codex creep. When looking at the new units there are absolutely signs of codex creep. I sell in DZC with the premise that if you have speed you only have limited AA ability but fast units mainly focus on AT. No units do more than one. You either have Effective AA, speed and AT or slow movement and ranged AT. Fast movers are the only ones I think should be able to have both. But when looking at the new units there are absolutely exceptions. The Harbinger is a dropship with AA capability (though Hawk sensible limited the effectiveness by decreasing it to one shot and lower strength), new Helios is an dedicated AA unit but more effective in killing armour then some other AT units and the Ferrum…well it does it all just a little better than anything.

This warrant some more explanation. The Hades is how I see the perfect DZC unit. Tanks beware but when the dropships gather round it suddenly have a problem. It needs the AA support. Absolutely most of the units in DZC follows this wonderful formula. Take to many and you will not win because you need other type of units.

Markers. There area many things that are hard to keep track of in DZC. Damage, if they have activated, if they have reactive fired, which transport belongs to which unit and so on. This causes problem I don’t think we have actually played a single game where not one of our players have asked the opponent on which transport belongs to which battlegroup. The players must come up with this by themselves to find a good system. Also, the amount of damage a building can take varies a bit and if not marked properly there can be some confusion.

The above things are stuff I can take from the top of my head. There might be others but I think the above are my main points with the game. Overall DZC is still:

Cheap (my 40k Tyranid army cost about 6 times a DZC 1500 pts army costs to upgrade to the new codex, and then I already have played nids for ten years). I don’t see the fuzz with the game’s price.
Highly tactical.
The creators care of the game system.
Extremely fun with many highly cinematic events in each game.
Objective focused.
Overall the best game out there right now.



  1. JonK says:

    I think that the Helios’s power creep is greatly over-exaggerated. Smaller AA reactive-fire range than the Phobos, able to be damaged by E7 enemy AA, requires being close to its target (where other PHR units want to be further away), and is fairly expensive points-wise.

    That said I think it makes for an excellent support option. It is capable of reacting quickly to an enemy incursion into your lines and has the capacity to deal with a variety of threats. Just be careful not to be too aggressive with it and leave it stranded and vulnerable to counterattack.

    • egges says:

      I don’t know. I feel that it has a lot of potential and SC on something with 6 shots is really good. It suddenly becomes a descent AT unit. As you said it, though it will be a popular support choice – something PHR have been missing pretty bad.

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