Next wave of DZC is here!

Posted: 14 March, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander

Wave threeSo next wave is up on Hawks homepage. Nice…But perhaps things are a bit too bright?

The Helios is absolutely really, really good. I wonder if it is not to good. Giving it SC makes it really, really good. For three points less than a Phobo you get;

+Higher rate of fire
+More speed
+Skimmer bonus

-Less strength
-less armour
-shorter range

But perhaps it balances out. I’m not to happy with the SC though. That is really good on something that throws away 6 shots each turn. To compare; Ares pays 100 pts to take down a standard UCM tank (sabre). The Helios cost 94 pts to kill a standard UCM tank. In other words; for single DP units, the Helios is better in taking out tanks than the PHR anti-tank unit. That is not so great I would say. Against a scourge Hunter the Ares pays; 94pts and the Helios 94 points. 

So I would say the Helios need to have no SC. Utility is not something I think should be cheap in DZC.

The fight with the Phobo might be even though but the helios should be the new black for the PHR.

The Fireblade is just awesome! Perfect for the UCM! Cheap way of dealing with enemy infantry without loosing the feel for UCM. Though it comes into UCMs Ferrum choice….sorry Support choice. As long as other choices are so very good in the UCM army I think it will be hard for the Fireblade (just as the Falcon gunship). But the Fireblade is the best release this week and really keeps to the spirit of the game.

With the Birdeater the Shaltari can now have a full walker army – really cool! This unit can use it’s very good ability of climbing walls to full effect. This unit should see most battlefields regularly as well.  The sabre need to use about 130 points to kill a Kukri and about 100 pts to kill a Birdeater. The skimmer bonus do a lot as well as the Birdeater still can die of a single shot. I think this unit might fit very well with Shaltari.

The Ravager is also a very nice unit that fits well into the DZC universe. Overall it is very similar to the Rapier in form of killing power against 1 DP dropships. Greater range makes is better to defend units from aircrafts in a reactive fire than the Rapier. An Sabre need to spend 110 pts to kill a Rapier and 133pts for a Ravager. The higher cost of the Ravager will manage this advantage nicely. Decreasing strength an keeping amount of shots for this weapon were smart though. As a cool addition the Ravager can get in close and rip things apart.

Overall I think the Helios is way to good. The Birdeater might be over the top as well but I’m not sure. This months relase’s winner is the Fireblade but I doubt it will see much light…




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