Random Mission generator to Dropzone commander

Posted: 23 February, 2014 by egges in Dropzone commander, Missions

So Hawk wargames have now had a few torunaments where they have shown us how they think a tournament in DZC should be played. I therefor have done a very simple random mission generator to make sure pick up games are easy to agree on and forces people to consider a balanced army list based on the four basic missions in the book; Targets of opportunity, Recon, Encroachment and Land grab. By agreeing with your opponent that you will use this generator you will get  a mission as well as a possible variation on this mission as well with special rules – or it might just generate a basic mission without anything special. The point being that the players don’t know beforehand what to play and must have a force prepared to handle all type of missions. All they have to agree on is to use a standard army and an agree point limit. The mission can then be generated at the gaming location.

Missions DZC

So let’s start:

The basis on this is that you will use a type of mission that have several steps on how much a certain player wins. Each game has a basis of 20 Victory points available. Se picture below on that basic principle. This was horribly stolen from SmogCon Tournament Pack on Hawk wargames homepage. If you need any other ideas take a look at the different mission packs and use them to make your own version of this generator if you wish!

Victory chartSo you will basically always have some sort of objectives and then add the different Kill points to see how much a player wins or looses.

Roll 1. Mission.
This is rather straight forward. Roll a die. If 1-4 that is the mission. If 5 or 6 you will roll two times on the chart re-rolling 5 and 6.

1. Targets of opportunity.  This mission uses the victory chart above straight off.
2. Recon from the rulebook. This mission uses the victory chart above straight off.
3. Enroachment from the rulebook. Modify it as following; each full 100KP in the opponents side of the table (as the mission states) equals 1 victory point. KP that you kill are only used for the second part of the victory chart.
4. Land grab. As in the rulebook. This mission uses the victory chart above straight off.
5-6. Roll twice on chart and re-roll if 5 or 6. The first result is the primary mission. The second roll is the secondary.

You will notice I haven’t included Recon. It’s because I don’t like that mission and it’s my generator. If you like it, add it as no 5 – done! No reason to do like me at all.

Roll 2: Variant.
Next part is to roll if you going to use the “Variant version” of the mission.

Roll a die:
1-3: Use the normal mission as in the Rulebook.
4: Use the Variant version of the mission as in the Rulebook.
5: Use the normal mission as in the Rulebook but if the mission state the players get a table edge they now get a corner as the starting zone for “Land Grab” and if the mission state that you are playing with corners you instead use a full table edge as described in “Target of opportunities”.
6: Use the Variant version of the mission as in the Rulebook but the set up rules from no 5 in this rules.

This means you will most likely use the standard version of the mission which I think most players does normally. But it also means you will sometimes play the second version of the mission  as well with another type of set-up.

Roll 3. Special rules.
Lastly we will roll for any special rules that might be valid in this mission. Roll a die:

1-2: No special rules.
3. All buildings are armoured and thus have Armour 8 instead of the normal 6.
4. Units without a dropship starts the game in reserve unless they are scouts.
5. Both players choose three buildings on the table. They are now bunkers and can not be damaged in any way. That means falling masonry will not exist in these buildings. The buildings chosen must firstly be buildings with objectives/focal points or information inside.
6. Both Players will start with one dropship containing standard units on the table. It can without risk start on low altitude. If no deplyment zone specified the dropship starts within 6″ of one of the starting edges.

This should enable to game to be slightly varied without actually disrupting balance. 1-2 means that you will often play without any special rules. 3 and 5 are as Hawk’s mission from SmogCon. 4 is to make sure you are prepared to be delayed if not choosing a dropship to everything (although a small chance). 6 is there to just add a small variation.

So that’s it. I will make a small power point on this that should be printer friendly. With this you should be able to have games with DZC that are varied and fun without the need to agree on a mission beforehand.  

What do you think? Something that you could imagine to use to your DZC games?

  1. Zombiestate says:

    I like the idea and think it offers a good deal of variety. I’m not sure about the forth special rule, but apart from that it’s a great table! I especially like the slight change to Encroachment to make it link to the tourney rules.

    • egges says:

      Thanks. Any special rules is for any gaming group to change as they wish. The only goal I really have is that no of the players know what mission or how the set-up will be, forcing an army that comes prepared for all. For the fourth special rule – I really can’t use that in my group as I’m basically the only one not having any walk on units. At the same time I actually think it makes people think that they perhaps shouldn’t go with an all out walking army in this generator.

      Also I was short on ideas. I happily take some suggestions on possible special rules.

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