DZC the Ferrum spamming aftertalk

Posted: 6 February, 2014 by egges in Discussion, Dropzone commander, Okategoriserade, Tournaments

So after that horrible game with the Three Ferrums I conclude some things and would like to discuss the problem I’m having for it.

2014-02-02 Fear motivator

We should all remember that one time is no time. The Ferrum might be a problem for me and not for any other player. God knows I suck at these things anyway but still, my blog and so I got the right to my opinions.

Why do I think the Ferrum is overpowered?

1. Utility. It has the highest AT weapon in the game combined with the 15″ movement, basically ensure that it always damage dropships on 2+ and to top it of it has scout drones. This is with together the best survivalist skill in the game as the drones doesn’t stop.

In a game where most units really sacrifices something for any other advantage the ability to ignore this and just do it all is extremely good. 40k-like extremely good. Normally gunships have AT capability and sacrifices AA and the chance to survive focused fire (really, focus once on gunships in the game and they are out) to get the speed. The Scourge minders are at 8 points and have move 4 with a Strength 6 weapon. I have used them sucessfully several times. If anyone wonder, I would pay 20 pts for them just to have 15″ of move and move-and-fire. Without the focus rule and re-entering. Fast AA is just that good.

AA weapons in the game sacrifices the chance to destroy enemy armour. The drones don’t.

2. The weakness’ doesn’t really give anything special up. Yeah the Ferrum dies and then the drones disappear. But you must wade through the enemy army for that. The drones by themselves dies easy but since they are so many…

3. Cheap points. It can be game breaking. One isn’t (which is a large part of my issue with it) but several are. Increasing the points are always possible but then you might end up in a situation where people only plays with several or none.

What is my suggestions?

2014-02-04 Bad idea motivatorYeah, it’s not reading 50 shades in public but my main concern is this: utility. Remove AA and it should be no problem. Fast AA is incredibly powerful in this game. Stupidly so. The only units capable of doing that are the Fast flyers and they pay very much points for the possibility to, with low probability, take out enemy flyers. And if they roll a “one” they don’t do squat. The Ferrum’s drones are therefor faster and more reliable than any fast flyer that costs the same amount. Did I say that the drones are the game´s best AT and AA weapons as well? 

There was a very good battle report from Invasion in London written by Mega Mike at hawk wargames’ forum My favorite part is when he mention that Dave was worried about the armies spamming units which basically just proves my point on why this is my favorite game. Balance is sought after. If I alone feel that the Ferrum is over the top that is just fine. Most likely I’m wrong anyway and if I play UCM then I will be crushed and if the Ferrum proves to be over the top in the long run something will be done. This is what I love about DZC!

But I must confess, it is strange that the Ferrum seems to be in every UCM army now… I wonder why that is.

Or do I just suck?

  1. Zombiestate says:

    The Ferrum is a beast, but you can manage it by bringing the volume of drones around you to 4 or less. Once you get down to that many they may get 1 E10 or E13 (if they are lucky) hit on 1 unit, which isn’t game breaking. Scourge have the hardest time with drones due to their limited shot output, so try to shoot them in your AA’s activation and not as reaction fire to increase the hit chances and to take full benefit of the cloud rule. You should get 4-5 with 3 Reapers.

    • egges says:

      I fully understand your point but there is a huge difference between one and three Ferrums. With three you might get one time of shooting with one unit of reapers. The other unit is then dead. Then you have only 20 drones left on the table!

      But I truly hope I’m wrong. It might be that Scourges have the most hardest time against the Ferrum spam as Shaltari has so many shots on their AA. Also, it seems that most people think that the Ferrum spam is ok so it is only to take a deep breath and figure out the best way to deal with them.

  2. Mike Burch says:

    Hi Egge, good blog post. I’m glad you liked my write up from Invasion. I read through your 3 Ferrum report, first of all I think you had decided you had lost before even starting the game. You can’t go into any game thinking like that. Secondly I think I would have played it differently. I could’t really see from the pictures how the Ferrums were set-up but you should have rushed a Ferrum on 1 flank with everything. You need a better boss – CV5 I recommend for Scourge, so you get 1st activation turn 2, then the prowlers are on the ferrum. That means the opponent has to deal with them, you disembark hunters too. Reapers go after 1 set of drones. So turn 3 you take out 1 Ferrum, the reapers take out the effectiveness of another , so the last drones need to make a chice to stop your troops or save their Ferrum, now you are in the back line you can try to go through the rest of the Ferrums. Having 1st activation for Scourge is a must, you can’t play reactively, make the opponent react to you. I think more Prowlers are needed too.

  3. egges says:

    Thanks a lot for reading! I’m extremely envious of your tournament possibilities in Great Britain. We are still struggling for getting players into the game here in Sweden but hope to have a tournament in the summer this year. Start small.

    It is a good point with CV 5. I will try that. I feel that it is hard to get many prowlers forward, though. In the report above I had extreme bad luck with one dropship getting a destroyed in air-result and the the other one crashed but all four prowlers died directly.

    I then more believe in the hunters. Even more the new Stalkers.Though they won’t be a threat until turn 3. Though that means other amount of points.

    However, when we played it basically went like this: the drones disembark. Second turn, everything important in the Scourge army died (this is where the CV 5 is important and is a possible counter). But then, more testing should be made. I still have some issues with the amount of utility of the drones though – it doesn’t feel right in the game with a fast unit with both AA and AT capabilities and is not a fast flyer. Also, in this game Snolb gave up reactive fire for more AT. I think that a single unit of Rapiers should have made the army better.

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