Guessing Dropzone commander unit’s stats part 4 Shaltari

Posted: 29 December, 2013 by egges in Okategoriserade

So for the final round we have come to Shaltari. Another army with very cool updates.

As another of my favorite the Shaltary has some really cool updates. The Caiman enable Shaltari to focus more on their skimmer-army with a, what I think is, heavy skimmer. So most likely still Movement 6″. The Triad cannon should logically have 3 shots and if we consider they should have a longer range then that imply over 24″ countered. I still think that 24″ is really far in DZC so my bet would be 24″ countered. I’m not confident in guessing the micro lasers range nor strength but that adds two shots on separate targets which I think is one weakness Shaltari regularly have (not to target many). I think it will have DP 2, move 6″, have a S10 and 24″ range countered and cost about 60pts. I’m hoping on no extra special rules.


The Tarantula comes with a skimmer ignoring gravity gun that will do more damage the more the target has mass. In my head I’m thinking destroyer ability, especially against buildings. Again a very hard unit to understand how it will work. Maximum 24″ range but I think that it might be even be as low as 18″ because I get the feeling it is slow to fire and thus enabling the target to move away. Also it will be able to climb the walls. That might be really cool of just a gimmick to use when the scenario pack comes. If it is a smaller version of the warstriders it should either has lower armour (8 most likely) or DP 2 or 3. Perhaps a combination of having armour 8 and DP 3? Again with the small lasers here and perhaps something along the strength of 6 to kill of small weaker armoured units? Again I’m way off in points. Perhaps along the 60pts line? I do think this might be new standard choice though and thus enable an all out walker army to the Shaltari! Really cool idea!

The Birdeater has the same base as the Tarantula. So Armour 8 and DP 3 I think. I think it is the same AA gun (Twin Ion cannons) as the regular AA so in short it is not much to say. For this unit I can totally see how it will be effective when given an position on top of a building so the climbing ability makes more sense here than on the Tarantula. Again I’m at a loss of placing points. Shaltari are very difficult point-wise. I think in the end it depends on the mass. If it gets mass 1,5 then I can see a need for price increase but if they stay at 3… really really hard.

So what do you folk feel? Am I totally off on all places?


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