Guessing Dropzone commander unit’s stats part 2 Scourges

Posted: 27 December, 2013 by egges in Dropzone commander

So for the next part I will, as logic dictates, move on to the very kind Scourges (my army for those that don’t know me).

The Scourges are to me a more sensitive army just to change up. The new releases seems to move the Scourges to a more walker feel. I really like the feeling of placing all walkers on the field, and will try it, but the sense of “in your face” and short ranges should be kept. The Stalker I think it is a new core choice and more variations to the standard Hunter is always greeted with approval from me but I feel giving Scourges more walkers might move them away from their original feel. The Stalker should have armour around 8. Perhaps as low as 7 but I think 8. 9 is way over the top as PHR has that. When it comes to speed I think 4″ is good. The smaller Prowler has 6″ and this should be slower. Then we have two shots with what I think is the standard Scourge Plasma Hose. That means 4″ move and 6″ effective firing range so a threat range of 10″. Feels about right. Still “up your face”. For points I would say around 20 but could be as low as 15 (a little above twice as much as a Prowler) and as high as 25.

The Ravager gives me a bit of an headache. Giving Scourges long range AA plays very much on the GW feel of “Oh! you have a drawback? Then I will kill that off directly with something new and shiny”. This should be very carefully implemented and perhaps the points should be a bit on the top side to make sure it doesn’t become the standard AA weapon in the Scourge army. Still, when Hawk says it is a long range AA weapon it can mean as low as 12″ (33% longer range than the Arc Caster) to as much as 18″. Same chassis as the Stalker so again armour 8 and move 4″. Points are a bit harder to estimate here. If it becomes 18″ then it will be well worth 45pts to 50pts. It will just add that much to the Scourge army.

Last for this day we have the transport for the two units above. It has been hinted that it can carry other units so possibly the prowlers and minders as well. the basic chassis seems to have armour 5 qualities. Three DP as the Marauder, I would guess. The main thing here is the gun. By giving this dropship an Arc Caster it gives the game an transport with a AA weapon that might be extremely effective. However, if the speed of the Harbinger is 24″ as the Marauder has, the Move and fire rate of 9″ is pretty ok and actually means that the vessel will be longer back than the Reaper after turn 2 if it needs to unload in turn 1. So time will tell. I’m thinking 45 pts. Perhaps 50 pts. It is well worth 50 pts.

Best thing is that no unit here will need any new special rules to work just fine!


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