ETC 2013 So how is the tournament?

Posted: 9 August, 2013 by egges in Okategoriserade

The Swedish players give some feedback on the tournament and country as whole.

Let’s start with the important parts, Potato chips. In the top shelf the Swedes found 4 flavours of chips: Cheese, Bacon, Hot dogs and Chicken drum sticks… I’m speechless. Why don’t we have chicken drumsticks in Sweden!

This evening there will be a party. Several of the Swedes will not participate in the party but instead prepare for the game with the russians tomorrow and get some sleep.

Overall the tournament is build up so that each mission is hard to get a 20-0 unless you wipe your opponent. In my book this is stupid. I really hate that kind of rule. If I have a job protecting an ambassador and he get’s killed but I kill the assassins I will hardly be able to claim it as the greatest victory possible… But the missions have been decided before the start of the tournament so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Otherwize the tournament feels good, nice spirit in the games. Max reported that he gives a lot of feedback (he is a potential team captain next year) and give status report to the players. He said it kind of vague what kind of information you can give players that are playing but stuff like “you can be defesive” is ok but no specifics. this is because you can tell how much points the team currently have which gives an idea of what kind of risks the player should take. They are allowed to ask their captain if they should take points or safe.

Quote from a Swedish player who will not name: “My name is tröger and 87,5% of the players in team sweden feels that truly good players doesn’t get seized”. Hylander has been seized both against Serbia and Schweiz. But keep going, Hylander! Now no one will seize you any moore!

  1. Andreas says:


    Also, the countries down there apparently loves to put paprika-powder on their chips. I prefer lamb with mint sauce, found in England 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Vi håller tummarna för Pappa P ❤
    /Fru & dotter Hylander

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