ETC 2013 Pairing round 3

Posted: 9 August, 2013 by egges in ETC 2013

No surprises here.

Team1 Team2 Table Row

1 Team Germany Team Denmark D. I think GErman win.

2 Team Ireland Team Spain A. Ireland has me surprised which is cool. But I think the win goes to Spain.

3 Team Russia Team Sweden B. SWEDEN OF COURSE!

4 Team Poland Team Wales C. Poland should beat Wales.

5 Team USA Team England E. Draw perhaps, though USA have the disadvantage of strange language.

6 Team Italy Team France G. Difficult. Really close game, I think. Draw?

7 Team Belarus Team Belgium F. I have no idea. Belarus, I would say.

8 Team Latvia Team Serbia I. Serbia should win. .

9 Team Finland Team Romania J. I’m hoping on Finland.

10 Team Greece Team Ukraine H. I think Greece. Perhaps a draw.

11 Team Norway Team Switzerland K. Switzerland win I think.

12 Team Czech Republic Team Scotland L. Perhaps Scotland.

13 Team Slovenia Team Northern Ireland M. No idea. I still think Northern Ireland have some difficulties here. Slovenia win.

14 Team Malta Team Iceland N. Malta I would say.

Serbia, August 2013.

Give me your thoughts!

  1. mats says:

    Well aslong as the russian team doesn’t give to much vodka to our team…. Sweden might win. Otherwise we’ll lose big time

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