ETC 2013 Swede caught cheating even before the tournament begins!

Posted: 5 August, 2013 by egges in Okategoriserade

This is just in! The Swedish ETC team 2013 has been caught cheating!

2000 zulu today 2013-08-05 Pär Hylander was caught bare handed trying to swing the ETC to the Swedish team’s advantage!

“The ETC is now the main event among all world-cup events around the globe and it is a black day when such serious threat to the proffessional Wargaming community where players get such high salaries to play can happen” stated the ETC CEO and main sponsor of the event who we aren’t allowed to name except his/her last name – Obama.

Below you can see the Swede in question both using a mascot and harassing the referees to get more LOS blocking terrain on the table.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” Hylander claimed when 32 police officers arrested him after a 0,2 seconds manhunt on the premises. “The judges said that they was grateful of my suggestions.”

There is also rumours that Hylander now is in jail where he, “Brought a lot of soap”.

Proof below.

Mascot cheating

A swede cheating

  1. Hahahahahaha!

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  2. Max says:

    Shame on you mr.Hyllander, if thats even your real name!

  3. gertinc says:

    You do Ravenwing proud, agent Hylander. Clog up those tables!

  4. fenneq says:

    fill dem tables Hylander!

  5. Neil Kerr says:

    Team Hylander ftw!!!!!

  6. Olof Svensson says:

    Why!? Oh why always that hat?

  7. Sister Hylander says:

    Pär Hylander would never cheat. Ever. He’d even blow the whistle on his own sister in the name of righteousness.

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