ETC 2013 First round pairing Italy vs Denmark

Posted: 5 August, 2013 by egges in ETC 2013

So Italy and Denmark is next. Denmark is facing off one of my favorite teams that finished off third last year. Don’t get me wrong, I like Denmark as well but their language is strange. It’s like an exact copy of Swedish but everything is backwards.

The italians starts off with an Coteaz list with purifier/dreadknight and Razorback spam. Dedicated list to kill nids it feels like. This is an interesting thing as I feel there is not a very much lists with a lot of meat. Though it could work against most Daemonslists as well. The really cool Tyranid lists have two units of Ymgral stealers and three tervigons, making the list the typical “will just sit there and survive” type of list.

The Blood angels and Grey knight combo is just an excuse to play with 4 storm ravens I think. I really wonder if they are so bad when they doesn’t carry anything heavy inside? Of course they are not bad but other lists feel better, I think. Farsight bomb and Vanilla marines with librarian is next. The italians has opted for the skyray gunships and no big guy for their sky protection. Interesting choice, there. Then we have a Eldar+Tau list which I almost think I would stand a chance against. War walkers are nice but I think it is a “weak” list in the ETC. However, one should never underestimate the army when players play with their preferred style.

Then we have a tough as nail Chaos marine lists with a lot of flyers whom 3 are dragons. This type of lists makes me understand why the Italians thought to use the Skyray vessel. Then there is the flyer/wraith/necrons. Nuff said there. I don’t think anyone should mess with the five death rollas on battlewagons that the Ork list is packing.

All in all they have some strong lists but also some weak/interesting choices that I can’t clearly see a purpose with.

Danskarna, has chosen the Chaos list with three dragons and 8 Obliterators list as the main Chaos marine list. Then there is Coteaz (god dammit) and Necrons. They have chosen the chimera instead of the razor backs which is interesting but I assume it is for armour 12. With several flyers in the necronlist (and a storm raven) the list should not be considered bad. The eldar and “I want to seize”-Dark eldar character (did I get that right?) is cool but I really don’t think it will work with a seer council this time around. Even if they can throw out re-roll invul saves now.

The torrent bikes are the same as the Swedes and there are several countries that have chosen this type of Dark angels. It can be sensitive but they have guarded with two banners for this. A smart move that I like. Then there is the mech heavy guard list with Psychic woofs as allies. To be honest there isn’t that many vehicles in the list but a lot of meat instead. Sune’s Tau and Eldar is the combo I think excel in ETC but they have decided (like the italians) against broadsides which makes me wonder what I have missed. Again it is a list that I actually might win against.

The necrons has chosen deathmarks instead of Wraiths in their necron lists. And I know for a fact (of course, no scottish told me anything) that they are good against monstrous creatures. The daemon+Chaos marines is one of the most blended lists in the tournaments (except three souldgrinders) and most likely most fun. AZbsolutely a draw list made to survive against many different opponents.

When I look at the lists I really feel that the Danish guys has done their lists like this.

“This is the best list that I got!”
“Yeah, how should we counter that list ’cause most people will bring that list”
“How should we then counter that”
And so on. This works but I think the overall strength of the lists became to weak. Since I suck at 40k you shouldn’t listen but sadly the Danish lists are most fun of all teams so far and with the exception of ravenwing, Coteaz and Chaos marines they have a shortage of lists for ETC. The Italians, though has only (what I consider, again it is ok to consider me an idiot) two weaker lists in my opinion. The tau and the Eldar. Also, the Italians has finished third last year so I think they are hungry this year. Although Denmark has beaten Italy two times in the final results and the Italians has come over Denmark twice as well. In the end I think Italy will prevail. But it is a close call.


  1. You’re doing a solid job so far Egge! And by that I mean that you and I have the same winners so far ^^

  2. fenneq says:

    i expect this match to be pretty one-sided in favour of italy.

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