ETC 2013 First round pairing Russia vs Scotland

Posted: 3 August, 2013 by egges in ETC 2013

Second round. Let’s see what we can guess about the game between Russia and Scotland

The lists can be found here.

If we look at just the positions from the earlier ETC. I would say this is a clear win for Russia. They have been at the top five and has only had Scotland over them in in position once.

Russia is playing Battlewagon-orks with allied Tau which makes sense as three battlewagons while Tau are shooting can very much work. Perhaps this is one list they will put forward first often? We have a standard Necrons list but with few flyers. Seems like a draw list as well. We should never underestimate Necrons ability to glance out vehicles. Three battlewagons is a piece of cake for them. Then we have Venom spam Dark eldar with Eldar as allied to get the psychic shield. Some war walker there as well. I wonder of the point of bringing Eldar into the fight. This type of list should be put against Tyranids and then the vehicles are pretty much safe from opponent’s magic while Tau is much more susceptible to that kind of magics.

The Chaos list is very nice and brings out at least some oddities. Sure the 2 dragons and 6 obliterators are there but the havocs are a nice touch. Then we have Grey knights and Necrons. Coteas (gasp) and more flyers in this necron allied list than in the necron list Russia is bringing! Dark angels with Guard allies and I have a problem seeing the point with the lists. The guardsmen bring a lot of meat but the list feels very much depending on the opponents. Then we have a Tyranid list that I think should work fine. how is it in ETC can you pick using rulebook magic or the regular ones before each game?

Last we have the farsight bomb with only two units of broadsides and only one riptide and one unit of Pathfinders. I really think 2 units of pathfinders is needed but then again with some Space marines as allies and jumping around it should work.

Then we have Scotland. Coteas, I’m sorry, I meant Grey knights with a massive focus on storm ravens (three of them). The only problem I have with this type of list is that it is not a very good punch list as the Storm ravens aren’t packing anything really dangerous in them. Then we have Ravenwing. Torrent-ravenwing. It will have a hard time against Russia’s nids so I think it is a list that must get what it wants. Flyer necrons with Tau allies are next but I don’t feel the Tau are adding something. It seems better to have a unit of broadsides included instead of a Riptide but perhaps it is the intercept that is important.

Army 4 is Tau with Eldar. The allied psychic shield is in the right place I think. But after that it is a list that doesn’t seem to pack a punch. Good against nids though. Daemons with Chaos space marines 5 monster coming down on you waiting for the dragon. The Chaos marine list is rather standard with checks on 3 dragons and massive amount of obliterators. The allied Necrons are also very typical making this list the first is a copy of the “internet-lists” that should work very fine.

The Tyranid list I have met and it messed me up good. But I don’t trust it. It is meant to survive but there is way around that. The venom spam would eat the list directly but against Tau it should work fine with a doom and several Zoanthropes throwing psychic screams at the enemy. The Imperial guard/Space wolf list with lots of vehicles and psychic horror of Wolves ina rhino (why not a dropship) seems very stable.

So who’ll win? I have no problem seeing counters to the Scotish team’s lists from the Russians perspective but if not an favorable draw of the lists with the advantage to Russia I think that Scotland has a very good chance to win. The scotish lists are more “in your face” type and handled wrong can suck big time. But all in all I think Scotland has the advantage. So I say Scotty win. Because I like Star Trek.


  1. Neil Kerr says:

    Interestingly though Scotland have faced Russia 3 times at the ETC and never lost to commies. So I wouldn’t say it is that easy a match for them 😉

  2. Olof Svensson says:

    Don’t count the Russians out. And the good Neil might be biased …

  3. Hylander says:

    There can be only one. Of course the scots will win!

  4. Olof Svensson says:

    Just rememberd, they are part-Swedes 🙂
    Yeah, they’ll win.

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