ETC 2013 Presentation Sweden’s selection system

Posted: 28 July, 2013 by egges in ETC 2013

So I’m going to blog to try to get hyped up to ETC in Serbia 2013. Basically I’ll blog about anything regarding ETC that comes to my mind and what I feel for. For the time being.

As a person that doesn’t really fit into the category of ETC players (i e i suck) I will still give tactical opinions and comments but it is well worth mentioning I am not someone involved with the Swedish ETC team. I hope they will win because they are the best, prettiest and luckiest group of people Sweden has to offer but I am not a spy sent out to find out weaknesses of Sweden’s competition.

We have other guys doing that…

I am working on getting some basic information from other countries captains to be able to make country presentations but thought I should start with Sweden’s. The information I get up on each nation (and not all nations will be mentioned, most likely – sorry to all) will differ and depends on the information at hand.

But let’s start with Sweden. The selection of Swedish players.

Sweden has a nationwide ranking system where all tournaments with at least 20 participants and are deemed to be open to everybody is included, assuming the organizer wish it to be. The better position you get the more ranking points you get. The larger the event, the larger the ranking points. There is a cap (at 50 players) where each attended player only add 0,25 participants. So a 50 player tournament has 50 participants but a 100 player tournament has 62,5 participants in this system. The system only use the final positions. All tournaments are included and no restriction has been imposed. So a comped event can be just as important than a non-restricted tournament. And a beer and pretzel tournament can give ranking points.

The ranking includes all tournaments you have attended the last 18 months and includes your 6 positions that has given the most ranking points. This caused Sweden’s tournament scene to massively increase as players started to travel all over Sweden and found more tournaments with different and fun set ups than they were used to. To stay high in ranking you need to keep up the gaming pretty good.

The selection of the players to the ETC team is decided in this way:

1. At a single moment, the top 3 players are automatically included in the ETC team.
2. The top three choose a captain.
3. The captain picks out the rest of the team, using the other players as advisors.
4. Henrik Lampen is included as a war council. No one asks him but he is still there.

This has made sure that basically all players can be included given enough skill and will to play.

The Swedish team are using the lists:
Dark angels
Necrons+Grey Knight
Grey Knights+Sisters of battle

Some interesting choices there. Feel free to discuss below.

  1. Hylander says:

    Well summerized! Can´t wait for a follow-up!

    • Olof Svensson says:

      I’m a first timer at the ETC, and it will be fun to read what other people think about the event. It also encourages us(the players) when other people are interested. I for one will pay close attention to what the community thinks.

      If you ask questions then we might be able to answer them here on the blog. However, we do not want to give to much details away, there are spies around. Flogger 😀

      To give you some heads up on our progress, lately we have been meeting up at different locations (near Gothenburg and at Papa D:s cottage). Here we have been discussing match-ups, test playing against some of the more tricky lists and most importantly just been having a great time.

  2. Neil Kerr says:

    Spies…. don’t know what you are talking about 😉

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