Hylanders ETC del 3. Nordirland

Posted: 7 September, 2011 by egges in ETC, Swedish tournaments

In game 2, Hylander faces Northen Ireland’s Space marine player. In retrospect a rather advantageous match-up. Enjoy!

Game 2: Northen Ireland – Matt ‘The Count’ McVeigh

 Look at that ridiculous smile he has. You can tell Matt is rather worried of any weird movements Hylander might pull before the game. I’d be careful too:
Look at that ridiculous smile he has. You can tell Matt is rather worried of any weird movements Hylander might do before the game.

Space Marines

HQ 1: Librarian (100), Null Zone(0) The Avenger(0) Terminator Armour (25) Storm Shield (15) [140 Pts]
ELITE 1: 10 Sternguard (125 + 5×25), 3x Combi-Meltagun (3×5) 3x Combi-Plasmagun (3×5) Combi-Flamer(5) 2x Plasma Cannon (2×10) Combi-Flamer (5) Power Fist (25) [335 Pts] In Transport 1
ELITE 2: 5 Sternguard (125) Lascannon (15) Missile Launcher (5) 2x Combi-Plasmagun (10) Power Weapon (15) [170 Pts]
ELITE 3: 5 Sternguard (125) Lascannon (15) Missile Launcher (5) 2x Combi-Plasmagun (10) Power Weapon (15) [170 Pts]
TROOP 1: 10 Tactical Squad (90 + 16×5) Lascannon (10) Plasmagun (10) Power Weapon (15) [205 Pts]
TROOP 2: 10 Tactical Squad (90 + 16×5) Lascannon (10) Plasmagun (10) Power Weapon (15) [205 Pts]
TROOP 3: 10 Tactical Squad (90 + 16×5) Missile Launcher(0) Meltagun (5) Combi-Meltagun (10) Power Fist (25) [210 Pts] In transport 2
TROOP 4: 10 Tactical Squad (90 + 16×5) Missile Launcher(0) Meltagun (5) Combi-Meltagun (10) Power Fist (25) [210 Pts] In transport 3
Transport 1 – Drop Pod [35 Pts] carries Elite 1
Transport 2 – Drop Pod [35 Pts] carries Troop 3
Transport 3 – Drop Pod [35 Pts] carries Troop 4
TOTAL [1750 Pts]

After the initial game against Italy we had some lunch and even though I manage to get seven points, the draw wasn’t really what we, as a team, had hoped for. Revenge was on our mind. Get beaten by one guy and get revenge by getting the guy you can actually take, although not invovled, eh?

The pairings gave us Northern Ireland and the year before they had not the best of tournaments. But there aren’t any bad players at the ETC and on any given day any team can loose. If we just play tight and got ok pairings we´ll have a good chance though.

I got paired with Matt who plays SM, a quite different list from what I expected to see in the ETC. They are footslogging! I think it’s a good matchup for me but it´s surely no pushover to face 60 marines. Besides if Matt gets a lucky laser on my Land Raider or a Melta in range I´ll have a hard time getting the primary. The primary mission is an objective in our deploymentzone. Secondary where five objectives scattered, the primary objective included.

Well Matt won the roll and since it was Dawn of War he opted to let me go first. Besides, with all those objectives it was a bit of a no-brainer, I think. Here was my first and real problem in the game: Since Matt got two drop pods coming down turn 1 with four Meltas in total I must be careful with my Land Raider. Also I don´t want to loose transports early on since I must advance quite a bit into the centre. I can´t really protect them all so I put my faith in a psychic-test.

Swedes have a tendency to look weird in pictures. There are two versions of the following shot, I’ll let you decide if this is the good one or the bad.

 I deploy a single Rhino with a Grey Knight unit in it about 15-17 inches from my table edge and from the left table edge. By doing this I can cast Warp Quake and get a drop pod free zone in my left corner. There I will enter with my whole army and advance slowly and targeting any closest unit with my dreadnoughts. That’s the whole plan and it basically all depends on a Ld 9 test.And…

…made it!

So I move my entire army onto the table in my left corner, where I also had put my primary objective, and pass the turn to Matt. He choose to put two combat squads close to his objective, which he had placed in a ruin as close as possible to his table edge in the centre of the table. In his first turn two pods filled with tactical squads turn up. Due to my Warpquake he places them to the right and on my side of the table. The rest of the army except a combat squad and the last drop pod (with librarian) is camping in the ruin. The last combat squad advance midfield.

Due to the Warpquake the pods can’t get close. And since Matt is lacking mobility (apart from pods) I can decide where and when the close combat will occur. Now I focus the dreadnoughts fire on the small combat squad in the middle and get the rest of my army to go for the 2 pods and their 4 combat squads on my right. The dreadnoughts kill the squad and I´m in position to charge next turn with my purifiers and two other squads. Matt’s last pods wait this turn and he manage to get a Razorback from me. Unfortunately they get pinned so my charge wont be as powerful as I wished but it will be enough. I charge in my third turn and wipes the two combat squads with Meltas and Powerfist. The two last ones are further back and equipped with Missile Launchers so I don´t push for them. I rather turn my attention towards Matt’s primary objective in the ruin.

Meanwhile, another swedes guardsmen takes aim at a guy with a red t-shirt! Why? I don’t know!

In Matt´s third turn his last pod with Sternguards and librarian turns up and start to move towards the middle. My dreadnoughts shoot at them and almost manage to remove them all. Those dreadnoughts are just great! Yeah, and totally balanced… Even though its “just” AP4 on them its still a real good Powerarmour killer.  Matt start to wreck my transports so I focus on the objectives on my side and let the Land Raider and it´s purifiers go for the primary objective in Matt´s ruin. I make sure there are no more Meltas and the only thing really threatening the Land Raider is two Lascannons in the ruin.  I charge with my purifiers and Librarian in the fourth turn and kill some but the return fire from Matt kills them. Now all I got to do is make a dangerous test with the Land Raider and hope that two “Death and glory” – Lascannons won´t stop it. Safe.

The game ended 17-3 in my favour and it felt quite comfortably after the initial Warpquake test. I feared that winning the primary might be hard and would have though a 13-15 win was reasonable but the with some luck and a Land Raider it all worked out fine.

 A strong game from Hylander and some rather certain gamepoints when he managed that leadership test in the beginning but the land raider never actually felt really threatened. Please comment or post to ask questions to Hylander! The third game is coming to cinema near you soon..

  1. Styranimon says:

    Väldigt intressanta Battle Reports, Hylander, verkade väldigt roligt på ETC!
    Nice bild, by the way…

  2. Asplund says:

    Asså warpquake, kompa bort skiten…

    Men även: Skitkul läsning! 🙂

  3. Hylander says:

    Asplund: Bara för du gillar droppods 😉

  4. Hylander says:

    Fan, vad den meningsuppbyggnaden blev fel…

    • egges says:

      Nått jag skall fixa?
      Jag ändrade också storleken på bilderna till 60% och tycker dem blir rätt mycket bättre.

  5. Hylander says:

    Klart bättre med den storleken på bilderna. Röd text över andra bilden kanske. Annars ser det fint ut.

  6. speedfreek says:

    Inte lärare i svenska heller, ellereller?!?!?

  7. Asplund says:

    Matts lista var ju lite… speciell. RÄTT så handikappande när han dessutom inte fick podda.

    Mmmmh, podda…

  8. Olof says:

    Finns bara en sak som är bättre än att podda. Podda med Arjac!

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